1   Helping move rare disease research forward

Our fee-for-service and partnered research have contributed to improved treatments for patients with rare neurodevelopmental disorders. 

GeN has built a contract research business based on high-capacity and high-quality testing in rare neurodevelopmental diseases including Pitt Hopkins, Angelman Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Phelan McDermid.
2  Supporting the evolving science of in  vivo gene therapy

We apply in vivo AAV gene transfer to mouse brain to facilitate the development of AAV-based therapies in mice at postnatal ages 1 and 60.
3  Breaking barriers in Aging

GeN partner to propose unique preclinical models to develop compounds for the treatment and prevention of age-related disease.
We make available studies on senescence in aged mice and in two long-lived animal models, the Naked Mole Rat and the Octodon degus.

We evaluate neurological senescence, immunosenescence, and age-related diabetes, which closely mimic typical human aging characteristics. This system, with its heterogeneous animal models provides an excellent experimental platform for studying aging and antiaging therapeutics.

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