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Our aim is to discover medicines that will help people live longer, healthier, and more active lives.


We are committed to creating high-quality medicines that met real needs.


We bring this same determination to our work today, uniting our expertise with the creativity of research partners across the globe to keep finding ways to make life better.


This determination starts in GeNpharma Research Laboratories, where our scientists work to discover new medicines that will help solve rare diseases and ageing.


Drug Repurposing (DRx), also known as Drug Repositioning and Drug Re-Profiling is our strategy to identify alternate therapeutic uses for existing compounds, marketed drugs, failed candidates or clinical candidates.


At GeN, we utilize our proprietary technology, RepurposingPlatform to build a clinically rich pipeline and provide therapies to patients. We have been able to complete 60+ projects in this space with varied success in experimental validation and moving the assets forward into the clinics.




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