Meeting X Fragil


Days 28 and 29 of October of this year we helped organising an International Meeting in FXS in Argentina, together with the FXS Parent Association. The meeting was in the fantastic auditorium of the Cultural Centre of Science, in the city of Buenos Aires, kindly offered for free by the director of the C3 and with the support of the INCyT, Argentina.


Over 200 registered, families, neurologists, scientists with the support of the pharmaceutical industry.


In a brief summary, we can say that the issue of the new medications was common to almost all the lectures, both of the professionals as researchers and pharmaceutical companies.


Who talk?


The families

Dr. Michael Tranfaglia, FRAXA, USA

Dr. Patricia Cogram, FRAXA, USA

Dr. Randi Hagerman, MIND Institute UC Davis, USA

Dr. Oscar Gershanik, Favaloro, Argentina

Dr. Carolyn Smith, NIH, USA

Professor Flora Tassone, MIND Institute UC Davis, USA

Dr. Pedro Berkenstein, INCyT, Argentina

Dr. Paulina Carulo, FLENI, Argentina

Dr. Liliana Alba, National Centre of genetics (Cenagem), Argentina

Dr. Brett Abrahams, Ovid Pharmaceutical

Dr. Joe Horrigan, AMO Pharmaceutical

Dr. Larry Glass, Neuren Pharmaceutical,

Dr. David Walker, Sentinel Pharmaceutical


The Fragile X Parents Association said: ¨We believe that both for the new families and to those that years ago we came from accompanying from this group, has been an amazing experience and priceless¨


We are very happy to have supported this meeting!!


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