Using the right model matters



The Octodon degus is a natural model of ageing and Alzheimer’s disease (AD), thus, NOT all old animals will age the same or have AD. We should not treat natural models as trangenics and expect that a sample size of 3 animals will reveal much…as recently reported by Bourdenx (2017)...


We should not treat natural models as transgenics, would we use a simple size of 3 humans taken at random for a serious AD project?. Thus, although the usefulness of transgenic mice is undisputed, we hypothesized that additional relevant information on the physiopathology of Ageing and AD could be obtained from other natural non-transgenic models like the Octodon degus.



Tremendous variation in maximum life span among species overshadows modest increases in longevity resulting from experimental manipulation. Few aging studies focus on long-lived mammals like the Octodon degus and the Naked Mole Rat even though these species may expose mechanisms involved in resisting aging.



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